About us

Our concept

Boulangerie & bistro atmosphere

We, at Délifrance, share all of our experience with our customers: tastes, sourcing of our ingredients, our gastronomic inspiration and the art of eating.

Smell the aroma of the breads and croissants coming out of the oven, share a delicious French-style bistro dish, have a coffee at the counter, in a warm, friendly atmosphere and an elegant design.

We have created a place where everyone can enjoy our products with the people they love, because we are convinced that life is sweetest when we share it with others…

That’s what we call «French Art de vivre».

The Délifrance food experience

Taste high quality French bakery products in (à adapter en fonction du pays : ) Italy / UAE / China. Enjoy delicious sandwiches, salads, dishes or pastries designed and inspired by our Chefs, with a constant care about balanced food : both healthy and delicious. That’s what we call “French paradox”.

Our service is respectful and elegant, always with a positive attitude. We are all working to make sure you have a pleasant experience with us.

With our menus, you will experience French fusion food : a combination of French classics and local “specials”.


In 1919, Marcel Vilgrain – the third generation of a milling family – decided to build the world’s biggest mill on the banks of the Seine, in Paris, to boost the French economy during the interwar period. So were born Les Grands Moulins de Paris.

And by 1983, Délifrance was born following the creation of the first part-baked bread that could be exported worldwide. 1984 saw the opening of the first Délifrance store in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Délifrance is part of the cooperative grain group VIVESCIA. This means we control the entire value chain, which guarantees traceability and food safety: from the selection of wheat varieties to the production of our bakery products. Our bakers are trained in our acclaimed bakery and patisserie school, ‘‘Ecole de Boulangerie et de Pâtisserie de Paris’’, which has trained over 12,000 French or international students since it was established in 1929.

Today, we share French taste over the world, in our 400 Délifrance restaurants and comptoirs, and celebrated our first opening in Milan, Italy, in May 2016.

Our Values


In France, even in the smallest village, the bakery is the central hub of the local community. For many, a visit to the bakery is an important daily ritual that brings people, from all generations and walks of life, closer together in the act of sharing.

We are also committed to the value of sharing and when the Vilgrain family founded GMP they did so to provide employment to Parisians following the aftermath World War. This, in turn, regenerated the French bakery business.

In 1929 the Ecole de Boulangerie et de Pâtisserie de Paris, was established with the purpose of sharing knowledge and passion with bakers, enabling them to produce delicious,  high quality, bakery products.

We  continued to share our passion worldwide with the creation of the first part-baked baguette and the opening of our stores, and today with our first restaurant in Italy.

Inspiration & authenticity

Since 1984, Délifrance has become a leading worldwide French bakery. We want to share with the world our appetising and varied range of products, our recipes created by French chefs and prepared with local ingredients.

At Délifrance, we believe that curiosity is a quality. Our bakers and chefs get their inspiration from bakery tradition and from everything linked to the French way of living : fashion, architecture & design, gastronomy … Every source of inspiration helps us with our innovation : local ingredients, shapes and colours, reinvent the tastes and sensations …

We do not compromise the way in which we treat our guests, regardless of how much time or effort is required.

Quality & know-how

Our restaurants are veritable open bakeries, where the art and the science of baking are revealed. By watching the bakers and chefs baking bread and preparing sandwiches up close, you get a glimpse of the work that goes into the bread you are about to enjoy. You are immersed in the aroma of warm bread, and can see its crust cracking as it comes out of the oven.

Our products are freshly prepared on site every day, with quality ingredients. All day long, we work with passion to offer you the best, from breakfast to dinner.

This passion for bread is symbolized by an architectural feature in each new Délifrance restaurant: a honeycombed glass wall dedicated to the glory of this delicious and fragile product, with its delicate and complex structure.